“When someone is hungry, we can give them food and satisfy their hunger for one day. But if we educate them, we can gratify their hunger for their whole life.”

Our institution was founded based on the above philosophy. At Dhareshwar Vidya Va Krida Pratishthan we aim in holistic development of each student. In todays world, education must be more than books and exams, that is why we emphasize on teaching every student – ‘how to think’. We believe education is not just accumulation of facts rather it is a preparation of life. Hence, our teaching methodology includes interactive learning, projects and many more co-curricular activities which will help shape their careers and will also make them responsible global citizens.

Its been our great pleasure to provide the finest education to our students since last 20+ years and many more to come!

We invite you to be a part of this amazing journey.

Shri Kakasaheb Chavan sir